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Catch me if you can: A pitch invasion by a sharp-toothed marten has created havoc at a football match in Switzerland.

The weasel-like creature dashed onto the field a few minutes into the topflight match between Thun and FC Zurich on Sunday and evaded efforts by players and match officials to catch it.

Zurich defender Loris Benito dived and grabbed the marten — receiving a bitten finger for his troubles. Click through for video. (Photo: Marcel Bieri/Keystone/The Associated Press)

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Striking Self Portraits by Kyle Thompson

Thompson takes self-portraits up a notch with his surreal and stunningly eerie style. Unafraid to take risks, he creates photos that are shocking. Almost more shocking is that he’s a pizza delivery man who took up photography only about a year ago. Look through his 365 project (he’s currently at day 155) and you’ll notice how his style and technique has quickly started to evolve.

[via mymodernmet]