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© Abbas Attar’, 1972, Bomb explosion, Belfast, North Ireland

Abbas’ work reflects his fascination for societies in revolt, especially for religiously motivated change. Abbas, who became a full Magnum member in 1981, talks about the present picture:

“It was late morning and I had just returned to my hotel after roaming the streets of Belfast for action – in vain. Suddenly I hear an explosion, so loud that it leaves no doubt it is a bomb. I grab my camera bag and run towards the direction of the explosion, in time to see the wounded being evacuated. Later on the IRA claimed it was late in issuing a warning – as it usually did – for the site of the explosion to be cleared.”

The present photograph was taken with the Leica M4 and was usually published cropped at the top and bottom. This not only dramatised the motif by creating the impression that the viewer stands right among the helpers and in front of the bomb victim. Parts of the woman’s lower body were also cropped and thus lost to the viewer. This print – from the photographer’s own holdings – shows the full format of the image, including the bandaged legs of the wounded woman, thus explaining her face contorted by pain. Stylistically, this photo is impressive due to Abbas’ sense of style, characterised by a highly detailed visual language and an instinct for the right moment. (+)

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Bridge Fight - Curran Hatleberg

This is fantastic and I’m glad that it is on tumblr for me to view. Look at all of that space and context and environment.

That’s the sort of thing that I like to see more of in pictures.