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Alexia Webster is a freelance photographer born in Johannesburg and based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Artist Statement:
Tired of a world where photos are so often taken but so rarely given, we created free outdoor photo studios on street corners around the country.

The images in this series are from five street studios that were set up in Hillbrow in Johannesburg, Woodstock, Blikkiesdorp, Du Noon and Cape Town city center. We invited passing families, individuals and groups of friends to pose at this temporary studio, and they received a free photograph on site to take home with them for their family album.


Bandele “Tex” Ajetunmobi, Photographer

Bandele Ajetunmobi – widely known as Tex – took photographs in the East End for almost half a century, starting in the late forties. He recorded a tender vision of interracial cameradarie, notably as manifest in a glamorous underground nightlife culture yet sometimes underscored with melancholy too – creating poignant portraits that witness an almost-forgotten era of recent history.

In 1947, at twenty-six years old, he stowed away on a boat from Nigeria – where he found himself an outcast on account of the disability he acquired from polio as a child – and in East London he discovered the freedom to pursue his life’s passion for photography, not for money or reputation but for the love of it.

He was one of Britain’s first black photographers and he lived here in Commercial St, Spitalfields, yet most of his work was destroyed when he died in 1994 and, if his niece had not rescued a couple of hundred negatives from a skip, we should have no evidence of his breathtaking talent.

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Tamaki Smoking By The Window


August 2013”

Thank you Vivian for this lovely picture. i can’t wait to get my film developed.

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